Our team

Qualified experts work in PTG who, because of their many years of legal experience, are capable of ensuring the highest quality of service. Our patent attorneys are members of international patent associations and professional societies. Honestly speaking, we simply love our work, and critically approach each new stated problem, whilst constantly increasing our qualifications. Each of us is part of a whole, and together we form a winning team.

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  • Protection of rights to trademarks, patents, copyright and associated rights

  • Protection from violation of competition and advertising legislation

  • Constraint of illegal traffic of counterfeit goods across the border of the Russian Federation

  • Issues related to administrative and penal responsibilities of violators of rights to IP objects, copyright and associated rights

  • IP audits and development of brand strategy


Svetlana has graduated from the Law Faculty of the Customs Academy of the Russian Federation.

In 1995 she took part in the one-year Freedom Support Act Program funded by the US government. The program covered business management and legal issues. 


Svetlana actively participates in various conferences as a guest speaker on IP and other legal issues, including the Customs and Business Conference which is organized by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation and the EuroCustoms.

She is a member of the Expert Council for Legal Issues and Intellectual Property Protection under the Russian State Duma’s Committee for Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

Svetlana is also an active member of the St. Petersburg City Headquarters for fighting counterfeits in the sphere of  audio and video products.