Our team

Qualified experts work in PTG who, because of their many years of legal experience, are capable of ensuring the highest quality of service. Our patent attorneys are members of international patent associations and professional societies. Honestly speaking, we simply love our work, and critically approach each new stated problem, whilst constantly increasing our qualifications. Each of us is part of a whole, and together we form a winning team.

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Attorney at Law



  • Oral and written advice and opinion legal issues

  • Disputes and court litigations, including Higher Arbitration Court, The Supreme Court, Anti-Monopoly Committee, Tax authorities and other state bodies

  • Legal support to businesses, handling claims work and court litigations



Natalya has two degrees - in Law Studies and Philosophy. She obtained the status of Attorney at Law in 2002. (Reg. # 78/2393 in the St. Petersburg Register of attorneys)


Prior Natalya had worked for the International College of Advocates (St. Petersburg), specializing in arbitration disputes and legal support to businesses.